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How Come This Odd Technology Tune Even now Make the Rounds?
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How Come This Odd Technology Tune Even now Make the Rounds?

How come this unusual technology track still have the rounds?

Are there any still people who pay attention to this particular one track and who consider it’s an interesting lyric for a parody? Or did I just get my dreams up whenever i had written this article?

That one is called « I Adore Clowns » through the crazy clowns, a trio of Canadian stand up comedians. The tune is an older humorous item which is portion comic, element melody. It’s essay writers even the funniest tune I’ve ever listened to about the television.

I laughed out noisy at this crazy, enjoyable song. Now it’s enough time to see what it should say about many forms of cancer, as well as perhaps other troubles.

I love to poke enjoyable at real world situations. And when I get myself within a, I usually find a thing humorous to associate it to. But often, it’s hard to do.

For example, I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and it’s named the « Pocket Problem » along with the only treatment solutions are chemo, and also the only action you can take to combat it is to purchase a whole gallon of lotion, and drink it regular. « I adore clowns » informs the story of a small group of younger clowns who are fearful of cancers, hence they attempt to wipe out it. And just what a mindless final decision they make.

So, here’s the amusing factor. Once they have murdered the clown and still have discontinued its development, exactly what is the survive impression they have from it? They have got no remembrance in the clown in any way, so that they don’t realize that they’ve destroyed it.

You can see, that’s just what exactly these clowns performed. They believed these folks were invincible, and now they’re undertaking whatever they generally managed. They destroyed a thing they couldn’t live without. Now these are let down and unfortunate, and mad.

A different case in point is through a united states teen, within an old sci-fi dvd, inside the part in which the youthful man was all on your own from the ship. What happened? They didn’t have any idea in which these were, therefore they attempted to take up a nuclear combat. Why is that funny?

One approach to look at this picture is that the youthful male, a scientist, had the issue of a »communication gap » together along with his crew mates, therefore he made up a strategy to convince them to hand him the blueprints so that he could establish a submarine. And he also used a weapon that the crew considered was in order, and this really is assume to be destroyed if it had been to be used. « I really like Clowns » can be a great instance of that.

He blew up the room, and suddenly, the world wanted to nuke him because he had done something so dangerous. Is that really funny, or sad?

And what happens to him when he hears the news that he is under attack by an unknown nuke? How about the military guys who found him, put him into a body bag, and are taken away in the police car, now convinced that the doctor was a bad man and to nuke him.

After that, you see how it all starts and goes wrong, and just when you thought it was over, and everyone had gone home, they turn around and nuke his burial plot too! That’s what you get when you put a nuclear missile under someone’s living quarters!

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